Presidents Message

Presidents Message for August 2018

The August meeting will include our summer picnic.
The club will supply brats, hambergers,
hotdogs, soda and water, along with the buns and condiments.
Bring a dish to pass if you can but it's not nessasary.
Just come and have a good time.
This is a time to relax and get to know the other members.

Dale will do a short demo.

I stopped at the Manotowish Art League art show on my way to Ashland
on Saturday the 21st and saw that two of our members had sold tags on a couple of nice pieces. I hope the rest of the show was a great success.


Presidents Message for Septmeber 2017

Wednesday Sept. 13th will be the shop crawl at Randy Johnson shop on Fairchild Lane. (just a couple of hundred yards before Brecks shop on the same street. Randy Johnson, Minocqua (715) 439-5990 )
Start at about 6:00PM. Bring your own lathe if you want. I won’t be there, but I have two mini lathes some one can borrow if they want to call me before Tuesday evening.
I’ll be leaving for Mexico by 6:00PM.
Sept. 20th will be our regular monthly meeting PLUS the annual picnic. This will be at Brecks shop. {Breck Inman, 715) 490-6178)
I’ll bring brats, hotdogs, and hamburgers for the grill. Plus buns, etc. I’ll also pack a cooler with soda and water. If you want something stronger, bring your own. (I’ll probably bring a nice stout for myself)
Hans has agreed to do a demo, Also, I’ll bring my two extra mini lathes if anyone want to do some turning. We have pen kits, and I can bring some pre-drilled and brass tubed blanks so you can turn without the hassle of the boring stuff.
We will of course have a wood raffle, so bring some of your extra pieces. I have a Very large silver maple I cut down about a year ago, I’ll see about getting a could of nice pieces out of it.

We need to talk more about future demos.

See you on the 20th. Don’t forget Randy’s on the 13th for the shop crawl.

Dennis McGill

Presidents Message for April 2017

As you remember, the April meeting will be at Rand’s shop. If you haven’t been to Randys it’s just a driveway before Brecks, so I don’t expect anyone to be lost or late for the meeting. I’m excited to have George Van Beynen do a demo on bowl turning, we all know the quality of his work. Also this month we’ll revisit the AAW’s new membership drive. I plan to go to the AAW convention in Kansas City and hope to bring back some contacts for further demonstrators for our club. See you at the meeting, and please bring your ideas.We need to increase membership, we need to line up demos and we need to think about community outreach projects. Also check out some changes to the web site.
Dennis McGill

Northwood Turners Presidents Message March 2017

As your new president I’d like to thank everyone for their vote of confidence in the recent elections, or was this a draft not an election. Anyway, here are some of my ideas for the next year:
1. Attracting new members by having basic turning demonstrations of bowls, hollow forms, lidded boxes, ornaments, toys, pens, etc.

2. Getting the word out about the club, with posters, listings in events calendars, online presence, such as Facebook. I have already put a listing in the Northwoods River News Events calendar.

Our membership covers a wide area and several chambers of commerce, we should be taking advantage of this. I’m going to suggest that we make a large sandwich board sign to put out by the road to Breck’s Shop on meeting days to let passerby's know about the club and the meeting.

(Not Brecks responsibility) (We’ll discuss this at the meeting) I have some ideas. Maybe a promo committee, maybe.

AAW is launching a new membership drive in April, I’ve already sent them a list of my thoughts on their offer. I’m sure they appreciate my help. Or not.

See you at the meeting Wednesday, March 15th at 6:PM at Brecks. PS: Lets see some new turning for the gallery. I need pictures for the web site.
Dennis McGill


February 2017

By now all of you should know that Tim Muench passed away a couple of weeks ago. He was an integral part of this club, held a number of board positions and just an all around great guy and woodturner. If you made it to his memorial service you know how much he was loved and cared about by his family and friends. He will be missed.
Last evening our club had its first return to Shop Crawls. We had a number of turners show up and they produced a bowl, hollow form and a vase/hollowform. With a little luck we should see these turnings at our meeting next Wednesday, the 15th. Everybody there did a great job. Hopefully they came away with some new tips/skills.
I have been contacted again by the Rhinelander Area Food Pantry to help with some turned items for their Spring Salad Luncheon which will take place on April 29th at Holiday Acres, Rhinelander from 11am till 1pm. They are looking for about ten to fifteen small bowls like last (but not the over 100 that we provided last year [thanks again to all of you who participated} and also some larger turnings that can be used for raffles). I will be attending again and will deliver everything to the event. This is contingent on the club approving this effort.

Again as last year if anyone of you has a pet charitable event the we can help with please let the president know so that it can be brought up before the membership.
Again I will mention that dues are due ($30) and you can pay me and I will get the notification and monies to Dale. I also want to mention that we have anchor seal (for sealing the ends of logs so dry more uniformally) and also a great library with books, DVD's and magazines for your use (these are a great source of knowledge for woodturners).
Our club elections are going to take place at February's meeting. The president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer positions will need nominations (Dale has said that he will carry on as treasurer but he will still have to be nominated). All of these positions will then be voted on.
Does anyone have an idea for demo for our next meeting? Please let me know as soon as you can and also if you are willing to do the demo.
This brings me to last thing I want to mention in this newsletter. This will be my last. I have been president for four years and it is time for someone else to take the reigns and bring in new ideas. I have enjoyed my tenure and hope that I have been an asset to the club. I brought some new ideas to our club. Some are are ongoing and others have gone by the wayside.
Our club was much larger a couple of years ago but due to people moving, etc. it has trimmed down some. I hope you have enjoyed me as much as I have enjoyed being your leader. Thanks.

January 2017

Happy New Year! By now I think all of you have heard about Tim Muench. His cancer is back and he only has weeks to live. It occurred in his liver (it metastasized from the original cancer behind his eye) and he was getting treatments to get rid of it but unfortunately the treatments did not work. If this were a cancer that started in his liver he would be a candidate for a transplant but having come from another part of his body a transplanted liver would immediately be attacked by the cancer. Just keep him in your thoughts and prayers along with his family. These will be tough times.

This past year the club helped the Rhinelander Area Food Pantry with two of it's fund raisers - The Spring Salad Luncheon and The Harvest Hoedown. Both were resounding successes .The money raised went to the purchase of food for many of the needy families in the area. A note here is that the RAFP would actually like donations of cash rather than food items because they can, with the sources they have, multiply the amount they get for the cash and of course they will still except food items very graciously.

Last month we had a turning/gift exchange. If you brought a gift you received a ticket and when your number was called you picked one of the gift items. It was a great idea (thanks Dale) and was well received. They were all great turnings. I think this is something that we will continue in the future.

As I Mentioned in the last months message our club dues are due - $30 and if you are a member of AAW your dues are also due depending on the month you originally joined. In Dales absence I will be collecting dues if you want to pay and either check or cash will do.

I forgot to mention shop crawls during the business part of our last months meeting but will address it this month. I did mention that elections were coming up and according to our bylaws they are to held in February. Please consider running for a position as all of them will have to be filled except for treasurer (Dale Peterson has said he will run for that office).

I mentioned last month the I was waiting for the water to hard so that I could go ice fishing. Well it is hard and the fishing started out very good but has tapered off some. Now with all the snow on the ice it will be a little more difficult to get around. I still haven't seen and vehicle except for ATVs on the frozen surface but there will be somebody who will test it I am sure.