Meeting Information

3rd Wednesday of the month

Breck Inman's Shop, 9655 Fairchild Lane
Miniocqua, Wisconsin
3rd Wednesday about 6:00pm

August Meeting and Picnic

The August meeting will include our summer picnic.
The club will supply brats, hambergers,
hotdogs, soda and water, along with the buns and condiments.
Bring a dish to pass if you can but it's not nessasary.
Just come and have a good time.
This is a time to relax and get to know the other members.

Dale will do a short demo.


June 20th Meeting Details

Meeting at Breck's shop
Doors open at 6:00PM

Report on Art Show on the Courthouse Lawn
Future shows?
Demonstrator will beBill Kingsbury
Bill will demo how to balance a natural edge bowl blank for turning.
We may have some burls for sale at this meeting

We need to discuss future shop crawls.
Future demos


April 18, 2018

This months meeting is at
Randy Johnsons Shop
at 9671 Fairchild Lane
Just a few houses brfore Brecks.

Doors open around 6:00PM
Meeting will start promptly at 6:30

Old Business:
New Business:

  1. Rhinelander Craft Show
    2. CBN Wheels bulk buy

Demonstrator: Mark Palma
Mark will do a lidded box
and discuss carbide tools.

February 21, 2018

Doors open around 6:00PM
Meeting will start promptly at 6:30
Old business:
Update on Master Woodturner and/or Woodturning Craftsman Degrees
Update on Treehaven workshop

Greg Joseph will be our demonstrator this month.
Greg will be making a pepper mill.
You've seen his work so you know this will be a great demo.

Please bring wood or other related things for the wood raffle.

Also dues are do!


November 15, 2017 Meeting Information

Doors open around 6:00PM
Meeting will start promptly at 6:30
to allow our speaker plenty of time.

The wood raffle will be the burls that have been
under Breck's bench for several months.
Please don't bring any wood for the wood raffle this month.

This months demonstrator is:
Tom Lohman of the Lake Superior Woodturning club.

He has demonstrated at the Segmented Symposium
and has been invited to demonstrate at the AAW Symposium in Portland Oregon. 
He has demonstrated on the bowl from a board and segmented turning.
His website is

Our December demonstator will be
Barry Grill from the Chippewa Valley Woodturners

October 2017 Meeting Information

October 18 at Breck"s Shop

The meeting will start around 6PM as usual.

The wood ruffle will again be with Tim's wood.

I have demos lined up for November, December and January, so we need to nail down some details.

This months demo will be Hans turning a crotch bowl.

September 2017.

Sept. 20th will be our regular monthly meeting PLUS the annual picnic. This will be at Brecks shop. {Breck Inman, 715) 490-6178)

We will of course have a wood raffle, so bring some of your extra pieces.

We need to talk more about future demos.

See you on the 20th. Don’t forget Randy’s on the 13th for the shop crawl. Dennis McGill


May meeting will be at Breck's shop on May 17th


Next meeting Wednesday, April 19 will be at Randy’s

On Fairchild Lane on the right just before Brecks.

next month Bowls for food pantry are needed before April 28 . have them at next meeting



Northwood Turners Presidents Message December 2016

Merry Christmas to all the members of the Northwood Turners and their families. Wishing all of you a glorious Christmas season and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

A couple of reminders; first club dues are due for next year 2017 and also dues are due for all of you that are members of American Association of Woodturners.

Another reminder is that we will have elections next month. I believe all the positions on the board are to be voted on.

The positions of president (I will not be running again), vice president (Randy was appointed to fill the vacancy that was created when Ron W. moved to Appleton), secretary (Sheila was appointed when Peter resigned) and treasurer (Dale was appointed when Tim resigned) need to filled. The Librarian is an appointed position. Please give this some serious thought as to how you can make this club bigger and stronger.

I sent an email out several days ago regarding an idea that Dale had at the last meeting. He suggested that whoever attends our meeting, which is next Wednesday the twenty-first, bring a turned gift (gift wrapped) for an exchange. Everyone who brings a gift will be given a ticket and sometime during the meeting we will draw tickets, as we do for the wood raffle, and that person will choose a gift. I think this should done in conjunction with the gallery because it will give the turner an opportunity to describe and discuss what they did to create the gift.

At our last meeting we discussed shop crawls. For any of you that do not remember what that is I can explain. It is a separate meeting where our members and guests (hopefully new members) can get hands on training from our more experienced turners, They were held at various members shops and were held on the last Saturday of the month from nine to noon. Because weekends are so busy we want to try having them on a week night. We can give this arty and see how it goes. I will be glad to host the first one.

That is about it for club news, although I may have forgotten something. On a personal base I am looking forward to the water getting hard so I can go ice fishing. I am also looking forward to the Christmas season as all of the family and friends get together and we catch up whats been happening. Again Merry Christmas.

Northwood Turners Meeting December 21, 2016 6:30 pm.

Presidents report - Bill
Vice Presidents report - Randy
Treasurers report - Dale
Secretaries report - Sheila
Library report - Harv
Old Business - Jimmy Clewes demo?
New Business -
Wood Raffle
Gallery and gift exchange -
Demo - Bill, Christmas Tree

Northwood Turners Meeting November 16, 2016

Hello all you Northwood Turners, Well the election is over. Whether your particular candidate was elected or not the important thing is that you got out and voted. One of the best benefits of the election being history is that there won't be any more political ads for some time. The unfortunate thing is that most of the ads were tearing somebody down and cat fighting instead of telling me what they are going to do to make things better here in this country.

November is here and that means that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. With that said I want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. So what are you thankful for? I am for many things. I could list them here but I don't want to bore you and it would take up a lot of space in this newsletter and also a lot of time.

The demo for this meeting is going to be Christmas ornaments. I know I am doing one (snowmen) and I recall a couple of other members indicated they would also be doing some. If you have a favorite ornament please feel free to bring your tools, etc. a demo for the club. This demo will be in time for all of you to get busy and do some on your own for gifts. Also, please bring some of them for the gallery.

I sent out several notices about the bring back raffle and the money that was collected by the club. I wanted to know who the members are that participated. I believe Dale has a list (through Tim) that names most of them There are, however, a couple of names missing (I think). If we do not here from anybody about this we will have a raffle for the people on that list. We will be splitting the proceeds ($120) into $60, $40 and $20 for the first three names drawn.

I just recently purchased some Shellawax, Shellawax Cream and some EEE-Ultra Shine from Packard Woodworks. On just one of the items there was a $4.00 (less) difference from the pricing in the Woodcraft catalog. Just thought I would pass that along.

At the last meeting two of our members purchased Anchor Seal. I did not recall the price and Sheila looked it up (Thanks) . It is ten dollars a gallon. Dale should be at the November meeting and you can pay him there.

Thanks to all al you who turned tea lites for the RAFP Harvest Hoedown. If you want a donation receipt from the Food Pantry for the ones you did please ask me for one.



Northwood Turners President's Message September 2016

Northwood Turners Presidents Message July 2016

Presidents Report - Bill

Vice Presidents Report - Randy

Secretaries Report - Peter

Treasurers Report - Tim

Library Report - Harv

Old Business - Picnic/Cookout will be held at our August meeting - bring a dish to pass and your our beverages other than water. The club will supply the burgers etc.,

Burl trip to the UP

New Business - DEMOS, DEMOS, DEMOS, what would you like to see, what about a demo and workshop by a professional turner? (we have not had one for some time)

Wood Raffle -

Gallery -

Demo - Wire bending, Sheila punches and Tim Muench, Inlace? (I know it was mentioned but I do not recall if are doing that also) Adjourn



The Rhinelander Area Food Pantry Spring Salad Luncheon fund raiser was held April 30th at Holiday acres. It was a rousing success. All the tickets for the one hundred and ten bowls that were made sold before the event took place. I again want to thank all of you who participated. Thanks also to those of you that donated larger turnings for the silent auction at the event they were well appreciated and the bidding was brisk. There were also other items that donated for the event that were either silent auction items or raffle items. The total that was brought in for the day was $5100. Our club was responsible for half of that figure. Many thanks for a job well done.

RAFP is talking about doing this again next year. If you get the River News you should have seen the articles about the fund raiser and also about the Northwood Turners. I did save them and will pass them around at the May meeting.

Another piece of publicity that our club got was on channel 12. I was interviewed by Geoffrey Weller one of the newscasters and I talked about wood turning and also the Northwood Turners club. I hope this will bring us some new members.

I got a call from the husband of one of Judy's sewing friends and he said he has a Craftsman lathe that he wants either to sell or just give away (he and his wife are downsizing there home). If you are interested please let me know and I will get you in contact with him.

Last month I mentioned another call and that was from a gentleman from the UP that has some burls that he wants to sell. I sent out a message regarding that and only received two responses from people who could not make the trip. I did make the mistake of saying that the trip would take place on the day of our fishing opener. Maybe that was why the responses were light. I canceled the trip and said we would come another time. I did find out that the guy is retired and any day would work for him. Let me know if you are interested and we can put something together. This could turn out to be a great burl source.

This is just another reminder that our June meeting will take place at Randy Johnsons shop in Minocqua. Most of you have been there and know where it is located. If you do not, just ask Randy for directions at the May meeting.

A while back we had Shop Crawls. These were at different members shops on Saturday mornings from 9am till noon. This is a hands on teaching learning experience for newer members and also older ones. Are we still interested in doing this? I really like them and I think it was beneficial for everybody who attended. I will bring it up at our next meeting to see what interest there might be.

Again I want to mention the anchor seal, the pen blanks, the library and also AAW. These are all things that will help you are members in a number of ways. Please take advantage of them.



Presidents Report - Bill K. -
thanks to Tim for taking notes at the March meeting
Vice Presidents Report - Randy J.
Secretaries Report - Peter R.
Treasurers Report - Tim M.
Library Report - Harv S.-
Please use the library, there are books, dvd's etc. with a wealth of info
Old Business - colored pen blanks available for $1 a piece, anchor seal available,
Picnic/Cookout will be our regular meeting in August - bring a dish to pass and your own beverages other than water
New Business - upcoming demos? wire bending, inlace,
June meeting will be at Randys
Wood Raffle -
Gallery -
Demo - Bill Kingsbury, Double Edged bowl, Popple Feathers